Consumer Help Links


Here is how to let your California State Representative know you value protections for consumers, not handouts for the car industry and banking lobbyists!

Follow this link, and enter your zipcode. That will give you the name and phone number for your state Senator and Assembly Representative.

Consumer Info and Advocacy

FoolProof: Consumer Advice and Education  Videos:

Consumers Union: Consumer Reports Webwatch  Consumer Reports is the consumer’s best friend

Housing Opportunities Collaborative — Fair housing and foreclosure information

Center for Auto Safety  Help and advocacy regarding car safety defects

National Consumer Law Center

Utilities Consumer Action Network (UCAN)  Consumer advocacy and information

Center for Responsible Lending  Help and advocacy regarding all forms of consumer lending

Bud Hibb’s Consumer Justice  Advice and information about debt collectors

Center for Automobile Reliability and Safety  Advice and advocacy for California consumers

Car Talk from NPR — Advice and humor about problem cars
California Attorney General lemon law
This page has useful information about the lemon law in California and about the Attorney General’s office

US Government defect database
This page includes a list of all recalls, owner complaints, etc, since 1980. You can request the entire file for any case by looking up the number on this page.

Federal Consumer Law
Full text of the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act