Illegal repossessions by AmeriCredit are being challenged by The Hanson Law Firm in a federal court class action in the Southern District of California.  For years, AmeriCredit has been taking defaults and pursuing “deficiency” actions against California consumers in clear violation of California law.  AmeriCredit’s first response is not to deny their wrongdoing, but instead to ask the federal court to deny AmeriCredit’s customer victims the ability to band together and bring a class action.  Knowing its customers lack the legal expertise, money, and time to engage it in a fair fight, the Goliath AmeriCredit wants a one-on-one with the penniless and unrepresented consumer.  If your car was repossessed by AmeriCredit, contact us immediately.  Together we can help make AmeriCredit comply with the law.


Fine Print: Read it if you can

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