Toyota Tacoma 2018: Watch Out for Bent Rear Axle Defect

A large run of model year 2018 Toyota Tacomas, reportedly those produced in or around November 2017, have been sold with bent rear axles. The problem appears to extend to the replacement part inventory. One California consumer, understandably upset, has contacted the Hanson Law Firm to report the issue and bring a Lemon Law and Consumer Fraud complaint against Toyota. We are interested to hear from other Toyota Tacoma (MY 2018) owners who have experienced the same issue. Tacomas are produced in two locations: Texas and Mexico. The bent axle is a serious structural and safety issue, and any replacement parts may take weeks or months, if any show up at all. There may be as many as several thousand (10,000 or more) of these Tacomas on the roads or on dealer lots, being sold and/or under repairs across the nation. California and other states consumer protection laws can protect you.