BBB Auto Line: Why NOT to Go this Route in your California Lemon Law Claim

Is your car a lemon? Are you considering going to the manufacturer’s (Ford, Toyota, GM, FCA, etc.) paid arbitration provider BBB Auto Line? Think again. Here are some HUGE problems: 1) if the arbitrator says your car is not a lemon, and you then have to go to Court to get the repurchase you deserve, the manufacturer has the right to prejudice the jury by showing them the arbitrator’s decision! 2) Even if you win, the manufacturer is allowed to deduct for any vehicle damage exceeding “normal wear and tear” that is not caused by the vehicle’s nonconformities. If you go to Court and win, they don’t get that deduction! 3) we have witnessed consumers having BBB AutoLine arbitrators wrongly deny claims and/or force the consumer in to even more repair attempts. and have seen studies reporting the clear majority of consumers give their arbitrators a “C” or lower grade and a full 20% or more giving them an “F”. 4) The manufacturers are paying these judges, not you. Can anyone say institutional bias?
The solution is a no-brainer, get out of jail free — get a consumer lawyer that you don’t have to pay to get you good advice and a real win!

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