Ford Focus and Fiesta Lemon Law Alert: Beware the September 5 Class Action Deadline

So you received notice of the class action settlement for 2012-2016 Ford Fiesta or Ford Focuses, what now? Make sure to contact a lemon law lawyer If your Fiesta or Focus has experienced the same shuddering, hesitating, jerking, lack of power, failure to shift, failure to start, grinding, activation of the “CHECK ENGINE” warning light, activation of the “TRANSMISSION OVERHEAT” warning light, or activation of the “TRANSMISSION MALFUNCTION” warning light that is happening with Fiesta and Focus cars manufactured between 2011 and 2017. The lemon law potentially provides a much greater recovery for you than proposed in the class settlement. This can include a full buy back of your car and refund of all your payments, with only a small usage deduction.

But you have to act NOW, and before the impending September 5, 2017 deadline, or you will be stuck with a lesser settlement!

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