Senior? Feeling the Effects of Aging: How to Find a Car that Helps

Driving allows an aging person to maintain independence, but aging does often affect your driving. Arthritic hands may struggle with small buttons or gripping the wheel. Getting in and out of a car with bucket seats or one that’s low to the ground can be tough.

The American Automobile Association has created a useful interactive guide to help drivers identify the makes and models of vehicles within various price ranges that may best suit them with any physical issues that are cropping up.

Go to: SeniorDriving.AAA.com/SmartFeatures. Use drop-down menus to choose among categories like diminished vision, limited upper body range of motion, short stature or overweight, and decreased leg strength.

For those with various vision problems common among older people, for example, features like a high-contrast instrument panel with large number and letter displays, an auto-dimming rearview mirror and glare-reducing side mirrors can enhance driver safety.

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