Alert: Call Senators Now to Save Your Consumer Rights

Today there is going to be a vote in the United States Senate on Senate Joint Resolution 47, a vote to overturn the new CFPB rule that restores your 7th amendment right to a trial in court and not by secret tribunal where Wells or Equifax pays the judge!

There are a few SENATORS on the fence and you can call to make a difference. The Senators from Alaska, Maine and Arizona are all known to be on the fence. The main switchboard for the US Senate is 202-224-3121 and you will get prompts on how to proceed. We are talking about YOU making as few as one or as many as six phone calls. It will take about 8 minutes to do this at most.

This needs to be done immediately, though, as the vote is today. It does not matter if you live in some other state. No one asks what state you live in and all Americans are affected.
Here is what I said, “Please tell the Senator to vote AGAINST Senate Joint Resolution 47. Forced Arbitration is bad. It needs to be banned. Arbitration helps big business and corporations to rip people off. Real Live living people are being hurt by this process. Thank you.

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