Top Ten Lemons of 2017: Consumer Report’s List of the Least Reliable

If you have one of these lemon vehicles, you may need the help of a lemon lawyer. Here is the list of the most troubled as compiled by Consumer Reports: 10) Chevy Camaro — transmission, drive system, 9) Mercedes GLC– brakes, steering, 8) Jaguar F-Pace — drive system and electronics problems, leaks, 7) GMC Acadia — problem electronics, power equipment, infotainment system nightmare, transmission problems, 6) Fiat 500 — brakes, power equipment, 5) Ford Focus, 4) Ford Fiesta, 3) Volvo XC-90 — electronics, 2) Cadillac Escalade — power equipment and transmission, 1) Tesla Mode X — body hardware, paint and trim, climate system.

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